Energy Conservation

Academic studies, articles and reports

Low-carbon fuel standard
Greenhouse gas reductions under low-carbon fuel standards?
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
February 2009
Climate change and health costs of air emissions from biofuels and gasoline
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
February 10, 2009
Excessive economic and national security costs to result from low-carbon fuel standards
George C. Marshall Institute
Economic, environmental, and energy security consequences of a national low-carbon fuel standard (a summary of the following two studies)
George C. Marshall Institute
April 2009
Economics of a national low-carbon fuel standard
Michael Canes and Edward Murphy, George C. Marshall Institute
April 2009
National security, energy security, and a low-carbon fuel standard
Jeff Keuter, George C. Marshall Institute
April 2009
Low-carbon fuel standards: recipes for higher gasoline prices and greater reliance on middle eastern oil
Institute for Energy Research

Energy policy and perspectives
Inside Energy
Letter from 20 state and territorial governors urging Congress to block EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions
March 10, 2010
Letter from Midwest industry organizations to the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord Advisory Group
February 27, 2009
Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord: draft final recommendations of the advisory group
Economic analysis of the impact of a Midwest regional climate policy on Minnesota
Partners for Affordable Energy
December 2008
Minnesota energy survey results
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
March 2009
Minnesota energy survey press release
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
March 2009
Global climate change: cap and trade and the impact on Minnesota's economy
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
The Economics of Climate Change Proposals in Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
November 2009
Public's Priorities for 2010: Economy, Jobs, Terrorism;
Energy Concerns Fall, Deficit Concerns Rise

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
January 25, 2010
Oil sands facts
Alberta Chamber of Resources
January 2009
Continual improvements of water use at Suncor
Suncor Energy
Achieving balance: Canadian oil sands
The Canadian oil sands energy security vs. climate change
Michael A. Levi, Council on Foreign Relations
May 2009

Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act

Greenhouse gas legislation: summary and analysis of H.R. 2454 as passed by the House of Representatives
Congressional Research Service
July 27, 2009

Economic impact of the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act
American Council for Capital Formation and the National Association of Manufacturers
August 12, 2009

Waxman-Markey global warming bill: economic impact by Congressional district
Karen Campbell, Ph.D., and David Kreutzer, Ph.D, The Heritage Foundation
June 25, 2009

State and regional organizations
National organizations

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