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From The Associated Press 7/22/10
Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive energy bill

From Legal Times 5/13/10
EPA greenhouse gas rules a likely target for suits

From USA Today 5/6/10
U.S. carbon dioxide emissions experience record drop

From the Star Tribune 4/1/10
U.S. orders greener cars by 2016

From The Hill 3/10/10
GOP govs to Congress: Block EPA climate rules

From the LaCrosse Tribune 3/9/10
Truckers make last leg of gasoline's journey to pumps

From the LaCrosse Tribune 3/8/10
Refinery takes Canadian oil and turns it into gasoline for Wisconsin

LaCrosse Tribune 3/7/10
Could low-carbon standard drive gas prices up?

LaCrosse Tribune 3/7/10
From Canada to the Coulee Region: Where our gas comes from

Star Tribune 3/2/10
Erik Paulsen and Tim Walz: A consensus is emerging on nuclear power

Star Hot Dish Politics blog 2/2/10
Peterson fights EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions

The Hill 12/30/09
Canada clears the way for PetroChina oil sands deal

Wall Street Journal 12/17/09
Cap and trade in practice: how to get paid for laying off workers

From 12/3/09
Letter to the Wisconsin Governor's Task Force on Global Warming, Governor James Doyle, and Wisconsin state legislators from a broad coalition of businesses and industry

University of Minnesota 12/2/09
University of Minnesota researchers reveal that states must use comprehensive approach to reduce greenhouse gases

Law Times 11/23/09
American carbon rules raise concerns

Journal Sentinel 11/12/09
Study criticizes global warming task force

Star Tribune 11/5/09
High-voltage export from Canada

Richmond Times-Dispatch 10/15/09
Oil supply: LCFS: a great blow to American security

Journal Sentinel 10/13/09
EPA: Midwest loses in cap-and-trade bill

Roll Call News 10/5/09
Defending Consumers Choices: Cap-and-Trade Will Raise Their Costs and Limit Their Fuel Menu

Star Tribune 10/2/09
GAO report poses tough questions for ethanol

Star Tribune 9/29/09
Bjorn Lomborg: Act wisely, not rashly, on climate crisis

MarketWatch 9/28/09
Senate climate-change bill to be unveiled this week

Minnesota Public Radio 9/23/09
Experts say Obama's U.N. speech a 'right direction' on climate change

Minnesota Public Radio 9/16/09
Oil pipeline pumping millions of dollars into area communities

Reuters 9/11/09
Shell CEO says price hikes coming, oil sands needed

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 9/4/09
Report: Minnesota has stake in low-carbon oil debate

New York Times 8/26/09
Study Warns of 'Energy Sprawl'

Star Tribune 6/8/09
Midwest governors seek aggressive emissions goals

Wall Street Journal 5/22/09
Commentary, Bjorn Lomborg, Copenhagen Consensus: The Climate-Industrial Complex, Some businesses see nothing but profits in the green movement

Minnesota Public Radio 5/19/09
Obama to announce auto mileage, emissions standards

Minnesota Public Radio 5/1/09
Biodiesel use and debate set to rise

Star Tribune 4/28/09
Biodiesel panel looks at reliability

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