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The Midwest, the nation's agricultural and manufacturing base, produces many of the goods that keep American commerce growing and our nation fed. There are few places in the world where access to reliable and affordable energy is more important to a regional economy than the American Midwest. As policymakers nationwide evaluate sweeping new energy and environmental policies, the Midwest economy hangs in the balance.

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OUR OPINION: NUCLEAR BAN - Time to lift the ban

From the Brainerd Dispatch 8/25/10: Minnesota's 16-year-old ban on the construction of nuclear plants has been around so long most Minnesotans are barely aware it exists.

Peterson: Cap and trade 'dead' in Congress -- but not at EPA

From MinnPost 8/24/10: Carbon cap and trade legislation is effectively "dead" in Congress, House Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson told feed industry executives Monday, with the chief struggle over carbon regulation now solely being played out in and around the Environmental Protection Agency.

'Cap-and-trade' should still worry ag industry

From the Fairmont Sentinel 8/5/10: The talk this year at FarmFest in Minnesota is that cap-and-trade legislation is not cause for panic if farmers can gain a seat at the table, and thus find a way to cash in on the proposal. For farmers, we suppose this implicit bribe is better than simply being stuck with a huge bill to the detriment of their businesses. But none of this changes the onerous nature of cap-and-trade as a whole.

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